EMT Practice Tests

Preparing for your EMT exams is hard work.  We are here to make it easier by providing you with a directory of EMT practice tests.  Some of the resources provide free EMT practice tests, while other charge you a one-time fee, or a subscription.  We have included some information about the resource (e.g., pricing, number of test questions etc.) in the description.

Free EMT Practice Tests

Test-Guide.com Free EMT Practice Testswww.test-guide.com/free-emt-practice-tests.html – Test-guide.com provides a comprehensive set of practice tests for Airways and Breathing, Cardiology, Medical, Trauma and Operations.  There are three full sets of practice exams (categorized by topic) with hundreds of sample questions.  At the end of each sample category quiz, you will receive a scoring report that also provides a rationale for any question you did not answer correctly.

smartmedic.com/quiz/index.asp – Simple quiz database with 462 questions.  Questions are not written in the style of the NREMT exam, but may help you with your preparation.  No explanations are given on incorrect answers.

www.emtb.com/9e/ – Companion site to the Jones and Bartlett 9th edition EMT Textbook.  Site includes chapter pre-tests/quizzes that are scored and provide rationales.  Site also includes other study materials such as: anatomy review, vocabulary explorer and skill sheets.

Subscription/Pay EMT Practice Tests

EMT Prep thumbnail www.emtprep.com – Offers practice exams for Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Paramedic.  Pricing is based on subscription length and ranges from $34.99 (30 days) to $59.99 (90 days). Guarantee states that they will extend your membership until you pass.

www.emtquiz.com – Online subscription service that provides hundreds of test questions.  Subscription is $49.95 for 12 months of access.  Only appears to offer one set of tests (i.e., not separate practice tests for EMT-B vs Paramedic etc.). Offers money-back guarantee.

www.emt-national-training.com – Online subscription based product with approximately 3,000 test questions.  Provides question/answer explanations. Pricing ranges from $49.95 to $139.95 depending on: program type (EMR, EMT, Intermediate, Advanced and Paramedic),  subscription length (1 month – 3 month – 6 month) and whether you opt for a downloadable e-book.  Offers money-back guarantee.